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Innovative voice solutions to move your business forward.

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We thrive on building relationships and take great pride in the company we keep. Therefore we work hard to ensure that our customers are very happy with our voice service.

Our services range from voice consulting down to voice service hosting on Amazon Web Services.  Further, our Voice Service offerings can be tailored to our customer’s requirements.  This means that we tailor our voice framework to your and your customers' requirements.  We prototype and develop custom Amazon Alexa and Google Home skills and can help you maintain and upgrade those.

Voice Consulting Services

We provide voice consulting services to organisation of all sizes.  Whether you need help in creating your own voice strategy or whether you need advice on where to start, we can guide you on the right path.  Therefore, give our experienced team at Smart Voice Services  a call and we can get you started on your own voice solution.

Rapid Voice Prototyping

It is our speciality to create rapid prototypes to help you experience the power of a potential voice solution for your business. Most of all, experience Amazon Alexa skills or Google Home actions for your business and see how this can bring you closer to your customers.

Voice Design and Development

Taking prototypes to the next level, we can help you operationalize your voice solution, from the technical aspects right down to working through potential commercialization opportunities. Further to that, we can help you look after your solution to ensure that it remains active and relevant as your business or your customers change.

Why Voice?

In 2015, when Amazon Alexa was released in the US, the landscape of customer experience changed. Today more than 47 million Americans  a smart speakers like Alexa and Google Assistant to interact with other businesses, their home or the internet. Especially relevant is the fact that Voice takes away the complexity for its users, allowing them to interact intuitively, opening new markets for technology. Voice is powerful. Voice is spontaneous. Voice is intuitive. Businesses have the opportunity to be powerful, spontaneous and intuitive through an engaging voice strategy.

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Our Key Services

Voice Strategy

We can help you create a voice strategy for your brand using our extensive voice experience.  Our voice consulting services team will bring their latest international experience in voice market trends to the table to help you bring an innovative and intuitive product to your customers.

Voice Marketing

See how voice can complement your sales and marketing strategies and bring you into the consumers' homes.  Maybe your business does not yet see the relevance of voice in marketing their goods and services or perhaps you are not sure how a voice solution could held you increase sales or cut costs.  Talk to us at Smart Voice Services and we will help you create a business case for voice.

Voice Prototyping

Let us help you set up a rapid voice prototype so you can experience first hand how customers can interact with you via voice.

Story Telling

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Voice Development

Our team of developers are here to help you create and publish voice skills or actions for your voice assistant platforms. Due to our extensive experience we can help you avoid the trials and pitfalls when developing voice services for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.  In addition, we also support Apple Siri.

Voice Deployment

Let us help you set up your internal voice environment and train your staff on how to manage your voice service. Whether you choose to host this yourself or outsource the hosting to Smart Voice Services, we can help you ensure that your service remains operational.  Especially relevant when developing a voice service is ensuring that there is a solid operational plan to back this.

Voice Hosting

We can also provide voice hosting services for your voice solution.  Furthermore, we can help you manage, update and upgrade that service as required by your business or your customers.

Innovative Voice solutions to move your business forward.