Develop Alexa Skills


Amazon’s Echo and its Alexa voice services are growing quickly. In fact, they’re moving fast enough that Apple and Google are now trying to play catch-up. Brands are even further behind. Most have no presence on these platforms. They are ghosts. When consumers ask about the brand or product, Alexa has no response and an engagement opportunity is lost. Sometimes it’s worse when Alexa does have a response and the content is not exactly what the marketing team would prefer.

Think about not having a web presence. Would that be a problem? That is exactly the situation for many brands and organizations today when it comes to the voice web and Alexa. However, there is an added challenge. Voice-first user experience is significantly different than visual-first user experience.


Experience – Voice pioneer with 3 years experience building great interactive voice experiences for brands and publishers.

Technology – Comprehensive platform for the full voice experience life-cycle.

Tools and techniques – Proprietary platform and process for collaborative design and prototyping.

Smart Voice – Smart Voice cloud platform ensures consistent voice experiences for both Alexa skills and Google actions


How Smart Voice Services Can Help You with Alexa


If your business sees benefit in developing an Alexa based voice service, then Smart Voice Services can help.

1.  We provide end-to-end design, development and management services for your custom Alexa Skill

2. Collaborative design and prototyping of your voice experience

3. Managed services for hosting, maintaining and operating Alexa skills