custom-actions-on-google-homeGoogle Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant and it’s more than just a rival to Amazon’s Alexa. It has different capabilities that can be customized for distinct consumer experiences. The Google Assistant allows users to have a natural conversation with Google and creates opportunities for brands and publishers to make Conversation Actions that are discoverable to users. The growing popularity of voice-first personal assistants makes it even more crucial for organizations to have a presence on the leading platforms.


The rapid adoption of voice-enabled devices presents two new challenges for brands. The first is that they must develop content to engage audiences on voice platforms, which is significantly different than visual-first content. Second, brands now need to develop both Alexa skills and Actions on Google to reach this new audience of consumers. Would a brand only create an app for Android and ignore iOS? Or vice versa? Companies like Domino’s Pizza and Telstra recognize this and now have voice apps for both platforms.


Why Companies prefer Smart Voice Services 


Experience – Voice pioneer with 3 years experience building great interactive voice experiences for brands and publishers.

Technology – Comprehensive platform for the full voice experience life-cycle.

Tools and techniques – Proprietary platform and process for collaborative design and prototyping.

Smart Voice – Our cloud based voice platform ensures consistent voice experiences for both Alexa skills and Google actions


How We Can Help You with Google Assistant


If you need to build a Google Action, there are three ways we can help.

1. We provide end-to-end design, development and management services for your Google Conversation Action

2. Collaborative design and prototyping of your voice experience and voice persona

3. Managed services for hosting, maintaining and operating Google Actions